Wisconsin Centers for Tuberculosis Biology

Tuberculosis is a world-wide problem that impact one third of the world's population.  The ability of the tuberculous bacilli (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, M. tb) to persist in human cells and eventually reactivate under certain circumstances represents a very intriguing aspect of tuberculosis pathogenesis. 

Despite the availability of several high throughput techniques, the interactions between host-pathogen on a genome-wide level are understudied in case of tuberculosis. 

In Wisconsin, we formulated a new center (Wisconsin Center for Tuberculosis Systems Biology, Wisc-TSB) to take advantage of the available local expertise in functional genomics, pathogenesis, chemistry and computational biology to examine key aspects of tuberculosis. 

The Wisc-TSB is currently focused on studying host/pathogen interactions of M. tb infections both in vivo and in vitro. 

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